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A Visit To The 2020 Chicago RV & Camping Show

Yesterday I visited the 52nd Annual RV & Camping Show at the Rosemont Convention Center. My brother came along with me and we were both hoping to see a bunch of Class A Motorhomes, especially the Tiffin and Itasca brands. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many there on display once we got in. We were both able to get a four dollar discount off the admission price though because of our veteran status by printing out a coupon from their web site and showing our military ID cards. You can also show your DD214 as proof of your military service to get the discount. Anyway, it only cost us 8 dollars to get in.

When we got to the venue that morning there was parking on the premises that cost us $15 for the day. There was an elevated walkway to the convention center lobby right from the parking garage and it was heated. We really appreciated the heat because the temperature was only 15 degrees outside when we arrived. I brought my GoPro cameras along and shot some footage that I will edit and link here so you can get a feel for what it was like. It was the very first day of the show and the gates had only opened minutes before we arrived. There we quite a few people going in when we arrived in the lobby and the process of getting everyone inside went very smoothly.

Once inside we realized just how immense the Rosemont Convention Center actually was. There was several local RV sales companies present and they had pretty well filled the available space. Before you could get into the RV display area you were funneled into a vendor area where vendors we pitching campground memberships and giving away free trinkets to get people involved. Many had a raffle drawing sign-ups where you basically gave them all your contact information for a chance to win a prize. We did fill out a couple of them because who wouldn’t want to win a new Weber gas grill or any of the totally grand prizes being offered. We even spun the prize wheel to win a koozie and a coffee mug. KOA was also giving out free ECO bags when you entered so they were very popular with the crowd.

I truly believe the word “Camping”, in the title of this event, should really have been the main emphasis in naming the event because probably 80% of what was on display was tow-behind campers. Maybe “The 52nd Camper Extravaganza and RV Show” would have been more truthful.

As far as the RVs that were there, I saw some Class B models by Pleasure-Way and Airstream and a bunch of Class C models that were mostly Jayco and Coachman brands. The smallest percentage of RVs present was definitely the Class A models. This was a bit disheartening to me because they were the primary reason I decided to drive in to see the show.

On the other hand, though there were quite a few fifth-wheel campers that were very beautiful. A couple of them would even fall into what I would call the luxury class. Just take a look at the pictures I snapped of this one fifth-wheel that had a forward living room with three couches a fireplace and large screen TV. The Kitchen in it was awesome with a very nice professional stove and oven as well as an extra-large residential refrigerator. I believe it was called a Montana brand but I’m not positive because I forgot to take a picture of the outside.

All in all the day wasn’t a waste because I did get to look at a new 2020 Tiffin Open Road that gave me more ideas about what I’m looking for in mine when I find it. I also found a nice diesel pusher that was probably a 36 footer that had dual slides on both sides that opened the coach up into a very large living space. Special RV Show Priced at $169,000.00 “Out of my price range.”

We only stayed at the show for around three hours which was plenty of time because we weren’t looking at all those campers. The show is still going on today and tomorrow. It is worth going to and it’s something to do inside on a cold winter day. That’s about it for this post. I’m still hoping that if you like what you’re reading here that you’ll subscribe or at least leave a comment. Take care, we’ll be back real soon with more on our transition into retirement and the full-time RV lifestyle.

2020 Show Hours

· Thursday, Feb 13: Noon – 8 pm

· Friday, Feb 14: Noon – 9 pm

· Saturday, Feb 15: 10 am – 9 pm

· Sunday, Feb 16: 10 am – 5 pm

Directions to the Show

Donald E Stephens Convention Center 5555 N. River Road Rosemont, IL 60018

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