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Meet the Bloggers

Hello, my name is Tom Corrao and I am the author of the Stray Compass Travels Blog. My wife's name is Nozomi and we would both like to welcome you to our blog and sincerely thank you for taking time out of your busy life to read a little bit about mine. My wife and I are a couple of empty nesters who are quickly approaching my retirement date and this blog is our way of sharing that experience as well as our past and future experiences on the road.

We chose the URL for our blog because we felt that it expressed a clever twist to traveling by using unconventional routes. It's exactly the idea behind our retirement plan to find routes that would bring us to the most interesting destinations throughout the United States. In other words, we plan to travel in an unorthodox style by basing our routes on the myriad of parks, historical sites, roadside attractions, local fairs, interesting events, and scenic byways we discover along the way. We plan to see the country in a way not often explored by most YouTube bloggers today. We plan to seek out adventures that can be enjoyed by the 60 something crowd but that will still be of interest to the vast majority of our followers. We're hoping that by creating this blog we can share our life experiences and our current experiences, as we move towards that upcoming retirement date in September of 2021 and beyond.


Tom has worked in public service, both for his country and his community, for nearly 38 years. Nozomi is from Okinawa Japan and has been by his side this entire time.

There is a lot to consider when undertaking a nomadic lifestyle. I'm currently working for the Sheriff’s Department in my hometown and will be retiring at the age of 60 with a state pension. We currently own a house but will be selling it next year in preparation for getting out on road, so there will be many preparatory topics that can be covered before the actual retirement occurs. Our hope is that by talking about the process as it happens we may be able to help others who may be facing similar events in their future.

The idea to create this blog came to me after watching some YouTube video bloggers who have now become full-time RV personalities. Most of them are younger people who promote the RV lifestyle and work from the road while traveling.  They document their travels on film and share the lessons they have learned while on their journey. I’ve found their stories of the RV lifestyle very intriguing and felt that it might fit right in with the stray compass plan we will be undertaking in the near future. 


We’ve always loved to travel and do new things so whenever we’ve been able to get time off we travel and try to do the most interesting things we can during that time. I will begin by posting about our preparations and our past travels.


We would greatly appreciate your support in this endeavor and ask that you subscribe both to the blog and to our YouTube page. Thank you Very Much!

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